My husband and I picked up an entire pound of shitake mushrooms from the farmers market for next to nothing. The brown bag they are stored in keeps staring at me telling me to come up with something crazy and yummy.

My first instinct is to attempt to create a miso soup, but my husband is thinking stir fry. We just bought a brand new wok, so I am sure at least one stir fry will be made with our good friends the shitake mushrooms.

Researching around online for various recipes for inspiration I came across Nicole’s description of a grilled chicken and bell peppers which has convinced me that we need some asian style noodles in the house for a shitake mushroom feast – which is also making me think Thai food or something with a peanut sauce.

Sounds like I need to make a trip to the grocery store to stock up on some ingredients! Stay tuned….