I am a little nervous about this…

My husband and I usually have several family events to attend around the holidays. So many that they have to be scheduled around each other so that we can attend and we can get pretty exhausted from going to one family gathering to the next, but we love our families so we manage to pull it off every year. With multiple turkey dinners to go to every year I have yet to ever make a turkey in my 32 years. My mom would usually send us home with leftovers, but this year my husband decided that leftovers would not suffice, we need our own turkey.

My husband’s birthday is the week of Thanksgiving, so I decided that this year I am going to attempt to make this gigantic bird for his birthday party. I feel pretty daring at this point. So one big turkey coming up and a big pot of mashed potatoes (aren’t I a nice wife).

My mom uses a turkey roaster to free up the oven, so I shopped around and bought a Rival Turkey Roaster on Amazon.com. I thought they were much more expensive than they turned out to be so I decided the extra oven space was worth the expense.

The purchase decision was purely made on reviews alone, so hopefully these people knew what they were talking about (I certainly don’t, I am a turkey newbie). This was the top rated turkey baker-extraordinaire. I was originally going to buy a turkey roaster that was stainless steal, but the reality is, this thing is HUGE – there is no way I am going to leave it out on my counter normally, so I guess I can be just a little bit less matchy match.

I am sure mine will look exactly like the one in the picture. Wish me luck (I may need it). Also please let me know any good tips or tricks on preparing my first turkey.

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