I have been cooking a lot since my last post, but I haven’t been blogging. Blogging is work! It is fun work, because it forces you to try new things (sometimes successful, and sometimes less successful things). It also requires that you stop what you are doing, take photos, and then… eat. This requires commitment. I am committed, but sometimes a girl has to eat!

I have been making and remaking several of the recipes I have posted, so this cooking blog has turned into my personal recipe book, which makes me wish I was better disciplined at writing down some of my more recent experiments.

My husband and I moved in May to a new home, where we transitioned from a glass cooktop to a 6 burner gas stove and my life turned upside down (it should be in a good way, but when you are still developing your cooking skills, changing the rule book can mess with you a little bit). I also ended up with a convection oven (someday I am going to actually look up what that is and what it means other than the fact that my new oven bakes everything about 20 minutes faster than my older one). Baking is still one of those skills I will acquire soon-ish.

So now I am learning more about new appliances in a new house, which is a blast, but I feel like I have started over on the whole cooking thing.

I also learned my cheaper pans are useless and I pulled out the fancy “stick” ones (because that is what the non-non-stick pans are aren’t they, stick-pans?). Which also makes me have this deep desire to go buy the next level of pans, you know, the ones that have the handles that you can shove in the oven? That can happen after I master the art of not burning things on the gas stove (seriously, stuff burns fast when you aren’t paying enough attention, I blame wine).

Winter is when I spend more time at home honing my skills on the stove, so expect to hear from me just a wee bit more.