Cooking, Blogging and a Gas Stove

In Lessons Learned On October 1, 2013 16 Comments

I have been cooking a lot since my last post, but I haven’t been blogging. Blogging is work! It is fun work, because it forces you to try… Read More »

Cooking Class: Pancetta-Wrapped Filet Mignon

In Cooking Class, Dinner, Lessons Learned, Recipes On February 23, 2013 0 Comments

I attended a Viking Cooking school cooking class. A friend and I had been planning on going to one for the past few months but the holidays got… Read More »

I am Going to Be Making My First Turkey

In Holidays On October 27, 2012 0 Comments

I am a little nervous about this… My husband and I usually have several family events to attend around the holidays. So many that they have to be… Read More »

Recipe Refresh: Ham and Cheese Potatoes Au Gratin

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So I made ham and cheese potatoes for dinner tonight and I figured I would grab a few photos and update the original recipe page. I guess you… Read More »

Crockpot Lentil Soup

Recipe: Slow Cooker Lentil Soup

In Dinner, Recipes, Soup On October 1, 2012 4 Comments

Years and years ago I worked at a middle eastern restaurant as a second job. The food there was amazing and I developed a deep love for mediterranean… Read More »

Recipe: Quick and Easy Peach Greek Yogurt Smoothie

In Cancer Fighting Foods, Smoothie On September 21, 2012 3 Comments

My friend let me raid her peach tree this summer. I came home and sliced up mounds of peaches to store in my freezer to make peach smoothies… Read More »

Recipe: Chicken Ravioli Soup with Mushrooms and Tomato

In Dinner, Soup On September 5, 2012 5 Comments

My husband was planning on grilling some burgers, but an unexpected thunderstorm with sheets of rain made grilling sound a wee bit less appealing. You can smell fall… Read More »

Adventures in Belgian Waffle Making

In Breakfast, Lessons Learned On August 31, 2012 2 Comments

Sometimes somewhat at random I will pick a recipe from the internet (how random is based on whether or not I have the ingredients necessary to make the… Read More »

My 5 Favorite Recipes So Far

In Lessons Learned, Recipes On August 27, 2012 1 Comment

My homepage has a rotation of my favorite dishes, but it was somewhat limited by the size requirements for the photos due to changing the template on my… Read More »

Easy Focaccia Bread

In Appetizer, Baking, Breads, Recipes On August 19, 2012 4 Comments

I had the privilege to meet a marketing executive from King Arthur Flour awhile back when I was at a conference for work. I had mentioned trying a… Read More »