My homepage has a rotation of my favorite dishes, but it was somewhat limited by the size requirements for the photos due to changing the template on my blog. I never knew how often I would end up referring back to my food blog for recipes that I have made, but when I lack the oomph to try something new. These are my 5 favorite recipes that I refer back to in order to make them again and again (forgive the photos, I have a better camera now… 🙂 ):

1. Acorn Squash Recipe (not fancy I know)

When I learned how to bake acorn squash, acorn squash soon became a regular item at our dinner table in the fall. We have grown acorn squash in the garden the past two years and I regularly visit this recipe to remember what temperature to cook the acorn squash and a reminder on the sweet stuff I put inside (Mmmmm butter).

2. Crockpot Chili Recipe

My chili is a popular dish at my house. Since I am cooking for two it is often a good excuse to have a few friends over and play some board games. It is more of a winter/fall favorite, but it seems like wintertime is when I spend more time in the kitchen.

3. Ham and Cheesy Red Potatoes Au Gratin Recipe

Due to a surge in my purchasing red potatoes (I love love love red potatoes with the skin on, which may explain why I have so many recipes that use red potatoes) I opted to throw together some au gratin potatoes. It is a regular that I love to make (along with red potatoes I am also addicted to cheese).

4. Pork Chili Verde Recipe

This was honestly the first time I ever made chile verde. It was a gamble (but I have learned to write down the recipe when I gamble with food, which has led to many unpublished dishes, but it also leads to the published dishes). We loved it so much that I haven’t tampered with it one bit (other than doubling or tripling the recipe for a party). Something about oven baking the garlic and tomatillos that gives this verde a richness that I love.

5. Stuffed Green Bell Pepper Recipe

I love the green peppers like this, my husband could just live on the stuffing (we are working on him eating more of his vegetables). I love the melted tomato cheese goodness that I stuff inside these peppers and I try to make this recipe as often as I have too many green (or red) peppers around the house..